Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer - Maple
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Brand Magic Flight

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Overview

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is manufactured by Magic Flight Inc. in the United States. Introduced to the market in 2010, the Magic Flight Launch Box is the world's smallest electronic vaporizer no torch, no lighter and no butane needed. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is a direct application portable vaporizer with a handcrafted maple hardwood outer shell that uses copper plated steel rods combined with a rechargeable battery to achieve the desired vaporization level. Utilizing a compact design, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer measures only 2.5(W) by 1.25(L) by 0.9(H) inches in size and fits in the palm of your hand. Don't let the size fool you, combined with two Rechargeable NIMH batteries, this sturdy little vaporizer will provide hours of quality Vaporization!

How the Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer Works

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is easy to use: simply grind your herbal material to a fine consistency. Slide the lid to one side and sprinkle your material into the fine mesh trough. Close the lid, firmly press a freshly charged battery into the Box, and start enjoying your vapor. The nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor. You can prepare, use, and reload without having to wait. Shake the Box or stir the trench between hits. It can even be used in windy conditions! On average, one battery will support 30 minutes of continuous Vaporization. One load will provide between 4 to 8 draws, depending on your usage/taste preferences.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Ultra Quick Heat Up Time

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer has a rapid warm-up time of only 5-10 seconds once the nickel hybrid battery is inserted into the heating element. The Magic Flight Launch Box makes careful use of infra-red (IR) characteristics in its design. Overall heat distribution uses only and exactly as much heat energy as is needed for vaporization. The Magic Flight Launch Box is calibrated to be at 380 F four seconds after the moment the unit is started. The temperature in the device is controlled by the draw rate/breath control. To get higher temperatures in the load, you need to draw very slowly. By drawing directly from the Box you will also be able to sense the temperature of the vapor stream as well as the taste. Retract the battery when finished taking a draw, otherwise the load will get too hot. At a temperature of 380 Degrees Fahrenheit, you must be careful on your inhalation method and how long you keep the battery in the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer to avoid overheating your blend.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Maintenance

Keeping the Magic Flight Launch Box clean is easy, use the cleaning brush to scrape the screen between uses and avoid residue build-up. You can also blow into the screen remove excess deposit.

Magic Flight Vaporizer Warranty

Each Magic Flight Vaporizer unit comes with a Lifetime manufacturer's warranty that is restricted to normal use. The rechargeable nickel hybrid batteries are equipped with a 6 month warranty.