The Dablione Multi-Use Glass Wrap, One Hitter and Nail
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Brand Dablione

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The Dablione

The Dablione is one of the newest and most innovative products to hit the market. The Dablione at first glance looks like a glass wrap but it also has several other uses.

Glass Wrap

The Dablione can be used much like any other glass wrap, simply pull back the inner tube and fill the main chamber with your herb. As your herb burns push the mouthpiece (inner tube) forward and dispose of the ash.

Concentrate One Hitter

To use the Dablione as a concentrate one hitter, push the inner tube forward so the tip of the nail is extended past the outer tube. Heat the nail with a torch lighter until the nail is almost glowing. Then, simply take a dabber with your concentrates and touch it to the tip of the nail while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Nail and Dome

The Dablione is fitted with a rubber heat resistant 14mm/18mm fitting so that it can be used on almost any waterpipe or bong with a female connection. To use the Dablione as a regular nail and dome, extend the nail tip from the outer tube. Place into your bong or waterpipe. Then heat the nail the same as using for a concentrate taster as described above. Touch your dab to the nail and enjoy the Dablione experience with your favorite bong or waterpipe!

NOTE: The handle and grommet on the Dablione may vary in color.